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July 1918
The founder,Yahachi Aizawa, establishes Minatoya Shoten and begins operations on the former Tokyo Stock Exchange as a regular member of the exchange.
October 1933
Aizawa Shoten (paid-in capital of ¥1 million) is established in Nihonbashi Ward of Tokyo to operate a securities business.
October 1948
Corporate name is changed to Aizawa Securities Co., Ltd.
September 1957
Yahachi Aizawa is appointed as the third chairperson of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
April 1968
License as a securities business is acquired accompanying the shift to a licensing system for the securities business.
January 1989
Capital increases from ¥1,702 million to ¥3,202 million, and the Company is upgraded to a general securities company.
October 2002
Merger with Hiraoka Securities is completed (headquartered in Osaka) (capital increases to ¥5,000 million).
July 2005
Aizawa Investment Co., Ltd. is established as a wholly-owned subsidiary.
February 2006
Listing on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange is completed and increases capital to ¥8,000 million.
February 2009
Investment in and establishment of Japan Securities (formerly, Sakura Securities Joint Stock Company) in Vietnam is completed.
May 2010
Distinguished business award from the Korea Financial Investment Association is received in recognition of initiatives in South Korean capital markets.
October 2010
Listing on JASDAQ (Standard) of Osaka Securities Exchange is completed along with integration of the Hercules market and the JASDAQ market of Osaka Securities Exchange Co., Ltd.
April 2013
Certified as SME Revitalization Support Committee
May 2013
YAHATA SECURITIES CO., LTD. (headquarter in Hiroshima Prefecture) becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary.
March 2015
Alteration to 1st Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange from JASDAQ is completed.
February 2016
Merger with YAHATA SECURITIES CO., LTD. is completed.
March 2017
Japan Asia Securities Co.,Ltd. (headquarter in Tokyo) becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary.
June 2018
JAPAN SECURITIES INCORPORATED(Vietnam)(currently, Japan Securities Co., Ltd.) becomes a subsidiary.
July 2018
Merger with Japan Asia Securities Co.,Ltd. is completed.
June 2020
Asuka Asset Management Co., Ltd.(headquarter in Tokyo) becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary.
December 2020
Akebono Asset Management Ltd.(headquarter in Tokyo) becomes a subsidiary.
February 2021
Asuka Asset Management Co., Ltd. and Akebono Asset Management Ltd. merged and changed its corporate name to Aizawa Asset Management Co., Ltd.
April 2021
Established 2 new wholly subsidiary company's "AIZAWA SECURITIES DIVISION PREPARATION CO., LTD. (currently, AIZAWA SECURITIES CO., LTD.)" and "LIFE DESIGN PARTNERS CO., LTD."
August 2021
Moved headquarters within Tokyo from Nihonbashi (Chuo-ward) to Higashi-Shimbashi (Minato-ward).
October 2021
With the transition to Holding Company status;the securities brokerage business succeeded to AIZAWA SECURITIES CO., LTD. and investment business succeeded to AIZAWA Investments Co., LTD.
Corporate name is changed to AIZAWA SECURITIES GROUP CO., LTD.
April 2022
Transit to the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in accordance with the restructuring of market segments.